About Us

I am Orkun ;

I started my business in the field of web design and software that I studied in high school. From the beginning of my high school years, I was coding websites for small businesses and local shops. Then, I started working with advertising agencies in the college process. After the web design works that I started as a freelancer, I added Google Adwords and social media ads to my business lines. I started to provide services to many advertising agencies as a freelancer.

Then, I decided to go full-time in the advertising field to improve myself which I intend to take the business a step further. While developing my work here, I started to lay down the foundations for an advertising agency to create a solid plan for my own company.

After my full-time agency process, I believed that it is time to take things a step further, and I started the Metrics Talking officially and started with a small office in İzmir, Turkey. Soon, I began to create other departments, which are essential for being a full rounded agency. With our growing references every day, we established the graphic department, video production, ad writer, and software department. We created the necessary team for Metrics Talking to be an agency that meets all the needs of its customers in the digital market.

With our growing portfolio, Metrics Talking started to take its place in the market as an agency that can do business with leading companies in its sector in İzmir, the city that our company born and expand its borders to the national stage.

Then, with the new office, we have created a much more productive workspace and aimed to obtain sufficient team power for more extensive projects by increasing the number of our personnel. Starting more and more critical projects in the market every day, Metrics Talking is approaching its goal of being the best of Turkey day by day. We are progressing toward acquiring a permanent place in agency space and our next goal with a hand in the preparation of our projects throughout the International Market.

We are well aware of our path. We believe that an advertising agency with a young team that is highly open to innovations will quickly play an essential role in the constantly changing advertising industry.

That’s Why We Believe ;

” It always seems impossible until it’s done. “
Nelson Mandela