Digital Marketing

Digital advertising management has been the most rational advertising solution for many businesses for a long time, with a rapidly increasing market share and exceeding traditional advertising budgets. As an agency in digital advertising, we publish advertisements on channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube. We also cooperate with many Influencers, Youtubers, and popular local pages through collaborations and advertising purchases.


We make advertising promotional videos and images to be used in our ad. We make them entirely within our agency. As you can see in our sample video and graphic works, we produce impressive and sales-oriented advertising content that can easily catch the attention of your potential customers, thanks to our talented designers. Since the creatives are as much as important as the technical part of the ads, eye-catching promotional videos help a lot to boost sales in every direction.

Teqniq Planning

To explain technical planning in simple terms, for example; Let’s say we’re making a video ad for Instagram. You can show the audience that we filtered by using many detailed filtering methods through the agency panel on Facebook. Unlike traditional advertising channels, we can track these returns and update your ad settings instantly according to the results we get. Some of these filters are age, gender, interests, location information, etc. Many digital ad platforms like Facebook, Google, Youtube are allowing detailed targeting techniques far beyond these couple settings we mentioned. Apart from the extra filters, many algorithms are offered to agencies for direct targetting to the right audience. We can access these options from the agency panels.

We want to talk about what we can bring to the table from an advertising perspective. We love to discuss how we can sell your product/service. This is the most exciting part of digital advertising. Finding creative ways to sell.

Some Ad Examples


You can always reach us from our get quote page or our contact us page for a free consultation. We don’t offer standard packages for all customers. We are creating custom proposals for our customer’s needs and their budget.